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Code Of Conduct


BIKON-Technik GmbH (hereinafter referred to as “BIKON”) is committed to conducting its business according to high corporate social responsibility standards, ethical business practices, and in compliance with all applicable national and international laws and regulations. 

This document is a guideline which contains the main principles for conducting business with integrity and in accordance with applicable laws and rules to which BIKON is committed internally and towards third parties and on the basis of which it will align its actions (hereinafter referred to as “Code of Conduct”). This Code of Conduct applies to employees and executives of BIKON and is intended to support them when faced with any legal or ethical issues with regard to daily activities with suppliers, subcontractors and partners with an intermediary and/or representative function that act in the interests or on behalf of BIKON (hereinafter referred to as “business partners”) as well as with colleagues, customers and competitors.

Furthermore, BIKON expects all its business partners to share the principles which are expressed in this Code of Conduct and to replicate these standards further down the supply chain with the intention of strengthening mutual understanding of important fundamental principles and to ensure proper conduct at all times. 


  • Human rights and non-discrimination
    Internationally recognized human rights shall be complied with at all times. Any unequal treatment (discrimination) based on gender, age, color, ethnical or social origin, nationality, sexual orientation, disability, religion or world view or political opinion as well as any forms of harassment in the workplace are strictly prohibited.
  • Prohibition of forced labour and child labour
    Any form of forced labour and child labour are strictly prohibited and the minimum employment age requirements of the applicable laws of the respective countries must be observed.
  • Working hours and remuneration
    Working hours shall always comply with the applicable national laws on maximum working time and remuneration shall at least conform to the respective statutory minimum wage.
  • Freedom of association
    To the full extent of applicable national statutes, the right to form or join a workers council, collective bargaining unit or other employee representations, and to enter into collective bargaining shall be respected.


  • Anti-corruption and anti-bribery
    Business partners are selected purely on the basis of objective and economic criteria. Factors that might influence decisions due to private, business or other conflicts of interest must be prevented from the start. Any form of corruption and any type of bribery, extortion or any other illegal granting of advantages will not be tolerated. This includes any offers, promises or gains made to or by business partners with regard to inappropriate benefits, either directly or indirectly, in the form of gifts, hospitality, or invitations that result or reasonably could result in unduly influence, or that are given with the goal of securing an order or any other form of preferential treatment in business transactions. When dealing with authorities, governments and public institutions, all applicable legal provisions must be complied with.
  • Invitations and gifts
    Any invitations or gifts extended to or granted by business partners must be reasonable in their scope and type, i.e. of minor value and in line with local customary business practice and may in no way be offered or accepted to gain any form of inappropriate advantages or preferential treatment.
  • Fair competition
    BIKON is convinced of the quality of its products and the abilities of its employees and explicitly acknowledges the rules of free market economy and of a fair and open competition. Business objectives shall always be in accordance with antitrust legislation in force. In particular, no agreements of any kind that might be constituted as a breach of antitrust law shall be entered into, nor shall a dominant position on the market be abused in any way.


  • Safety and health
    All employees shall be offered fair and safe working conditions which meet all relevant legal occupational safety, health and hygiene requirements, including local requirements in the respective countries. Processes, systems and operating resources must comply with the applicable legal health and safety regulations, as well as fire and environmental protection regulations. All reasonable steps to minimize the risks of occupational accidents and diseases shall be taken.
  • Environmental protection and sustainability
    BIKON is aware of the scarcity of resources and commits to the goal of sustainable environmental protection for both today`s generation and future generations. All applicable environmental protection laws, including the local provisions of the individual countries in which BIKON and its business partners are active, shall be adhered to in order to minimize environmental pollution and hazards, and to improve environmental protection in everyday operations. Materials that could be hazardous to the environment, shall be identified accordingly and their handling, transport, storage, use, recycling and waste management should be entirely safe. To the extent possible, natural resources shall be used sparingly and efficiently and energy consumption as well as CO2 emissions shall be reduced. As far as practicable, the use of renewable raw materials and the development of environmentally-friendly packaging should be supported.


  • Confidentiality
    All information, documents or operational expertise that concern BIKON and its business partners shall be treated confidentially and shall not be made available to third parties unless authorized to do so or unless the relevant information is already public knowledge or has been made publicly available by other means.
  • Data protection
    While the use of numerous communication channels in today`s business activities is essential, it must nevertheless be ensured that all relevant data protection regulations are complied with. Personal data relating to employees or business partners which  fall  within  the  scope  of  data  protection  legislation shall be gathered, processed or used only when and to the extent this is  legally  permissible  or  the person  concerned  is  in  agreement.  In addition, reasonable technical safety precautions to protect confidential and personal information from unauthorized access of third parties are to be taken.


  • Implementation and monitoring
    All executives and employees of BIKON and its business partners shall be informed of the contents and importance of this Code of Conduct. BIKON considers this Code of Conduct as the basis of mutual cooperation with its business partners and expects the business partners to communicate openly to its employees, customers, suppliers, subcontractors and other interest groups about the requirements of this Code of Conduct and its implementation. BIKON reserves the right to request documentation of its business partners that confirms their compliance with this Code of Conduct. All employees must be given the opportunity to report inappropriate behavior without having any negative impact on them. BIKON intends to enforce this Code of Conduct for an indefinite period of time, but reserves the right to modify or terminate this Code of Conduct at any time and in any way with or without explanation.
  • Consequences of non-compliance
    Any violation of the principles and requirements set out in this Code of Conduct will be regarded as a serious violation and may result in internal disciplinary measures. In the event that any business partner is suspected of violating any of the principles or requirements of this Code of Conduct, BIKON reserves the right to request the business partner to disclose all relevant information. If the business partner refuses to pursue and implement measures for improving their compliance, after having been given a reasonable period of grace, BIKON reserves the right to immediately terminate the relationship with the business partner for cause and to request compensation from its business partner for any damages sustained due to the business partner`s non-compliance with this Code of Conduct.