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Our company

Since its foundation, BIKON-Technik GmbH develops new, releasable cone locking systems, in common speech also known as locking assemblies. Basis is the cylindrical and cone press fit with two corresponding cone faces is the basis (BIKON = 2 cones). More than 100 patents have been awarded to BIKON-Technik GmbH in this field world-wide so far.

The product portfolio includes interior, intermediate and exterior clamping systems, flange and shaft couplings, clamping bolts and quite a number of special designs.

Deriving from 45 years of activity in development, consulting and distribution application-related experience and skills, to be offered for technical-economical solutions, has been gained.


Below the most important milestone of our company history:

  • 1972 Foundation of the company under a different name with Ralph Müllenberg, later being the single shareholder.
    Ralph Müllenberg is the sole inventor/developer of numerous cone locking systems, at that time known as MBG locking systems.

  • 1975 The name BIKON-Technik is published for the first time.

  • 1976 Move of the company to Grevenbroich, the hometown of the single shareholder, Ralph Müllenberg.

  • 1981 The company is renamed into BIKON-Technik GmbH, Welle-Nabe-Verbindungen. Establishment of the branch (stock facility) 

  • 1990 Foundation of the manufacturing plant in its current version, solely for BIKON-Technik GmbH, also carrying the name „BIKON“.

  • 1999 Decease of Ralph Müllenberg.
    Continuation of the company’s business operations by the widow Maria Strierath and Dipl.-Ing. Zlatko Dizdarevic take over responsibility for sales, operations and R&D.

  • 2004 Take-over of the business operations by the long-time employee und current managing director and single shareholder Dipl.-Ing. Zlatko Dizdarevic.
    Ms Maria Strierath continues in her sales management position and is appointed proxy of the company.

  • 2007 Move of the company including stock in one larger and modern facilities in Neuss, accompanied by the creation of new employments.

  • 2008 Focus on new product development.

  • 2013 Expansion of our Warehouse.

  • 2015 Expansion of our Office Building.

  • 2017 Introduction of additive manufacturing / 3D printing for prototyping.

  • 2018/19 Expansion of the flange coupling series.

  • 2021 BIKON-Technik GmbH received the TOP 100-seal of 2021 as top innovator 2021.
    This award honors particularly innovative medium-sized companies.